#Movie #Review: Beautiful Creatures (2013)

beautiful-creatures-2013I’m not giving much away, from things you would have already seen in the trailer by telling you that Lena is a teenager who will soon undergo a transformation that will determine whether she becomes a good or evil witch. The stress of this impending metamorphosis is is complicated by a friendship/romance with a local Ethan. Both seek to escape: Lena from her fate and literary Ethan from the drudgery of his surroundings.

It’s not hard to sympathise with Ethan and Lena who live in a horrible little, repressed, bible-bashing town. On the other hand it is nigh on impossible to respect Emma Thompson’s and Jeremy Irons’ badly hammed up attempt at playing characters from the deep south. Another problem I had was that some of the CGI, SFX and makeup used made some scenes resemble pantomime for younger children rather than youth horror. Worth a watch? Yes, because the main characters are so well acted, especially by Alden Ehrenreich who plays Ethan. Think of it as a B-grade Footloose with spells.

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