#TV #Review: Defiance (2013)

defiance-2013This is a new dual-mode entertainment franchise of both a video game and a TV series. The premise is that there was a huge space battle when a horde variegated alien species arrived on Earth. Both civilisation and the ecosystem of the planet was irremediably transformed by alien terraformers. This post-apocalyptic world now hosts various sentient species, who largely live in peace with humans. The reemergence of technology is slow and the peoples of earth now live a semi-cargo-cult existence. They are dependent on ‘arkfalls’, a term coined for occasions when pieces of orbital debris from the past space battle come crashing down and are immediately looted for high-tech gizmos. The story of the pilot episode, largely concerns the usual rugged individualist, who comes into the town of Defiance and helps out the townsfolk with a variety of problems.

Perhaps years ago, before genre entertainment came to the fore, this might have grabbed my attention. But, with so much material out there, I am loathe to dig deep into yet another franchise. One of the main problems I have with this is that it just looks a little too much like FireFly. But if SciFi westerns are your cup of tea then this show just may be the one for you. More to the point, if you are playing the corresponding Defiance MMORPG, this should add a nice extra-layer of player involvement.

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