#TV #Review: The Newsroom (2012 Season 1)


Aaron Sorkin is undeniably a brilliant writer, but this show seems a lot like his previous big show, The West Wing, only set in a TV newsroom. Often the dialogue is far too clever for its own good and draws you away from the story itself, like a David Mamet screen play. On the other hand, as a print journo, seeing broadcast journalism in action fascinated me. There were lots of “ahhh, so that’s what they mean” and “ohhh, so that’s how it works” moments from me. Jeff Daniels’ anchor man is a well-cast and superbly written character, but less so was Emily Mortimer’s semi-hysterical executive producer. As a man, I obviously can’t claim to be a feminist, but I found her histrionic outbursts frankly insulting to womankind.

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