#TV #Review: Luther (2013 Series 3)


The improbably tall David Bowie fan and the UK’s answer to Dirty Harry, Luther (Idris Elba) is back for a third series. This hit cop drama concerns the investigations of Detective Chief Inspector John Luther, the key man in the fictional Serious and Serial Crime Unit. He is an investigator who hunts serial killers by getting inside their minds and thinking like they do. The cost of this intuition shows in Luther’s scary, quiet coldness and social isolation. If I do have a complaint about the current series, it is the curious absence of Alice (that sounds like an indie band doesn’t it?*) To recap, Alice is a nut job, who got away with murdering her parents under Luther’s watch.  The connection led to an improbable almost-romance developing between the two outsiders.  This added a certain unique frisson to the show.  I think it won’t be long before she returns, probably when Luther is at his lowest and most vulnerable. That time won’t be long coming, as the pressure mounts and he deals with both unpredictable killers and an internal investigation.

* ‘Absence of Alice’ © Roy Mathur 2013 (hah!)

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