#TV #Review: Dexter (2013 Season 8)

dexter-season-8Our beloved police blood-spatter analyst/serial-killer is back. This season, Debs has discovered Dexter’s dirty little secret and it has sent her loopy.  The particular incident that sent her barking at the moon involved the death of LaGuerta. Captain LaGuerta was a largely unsympathetic brown-noser who I started to develop respect for as she regained her cop-instincts towards the end of the last season.  Unfortunately, she regained credibility by investigating Dexter. Oh dear.  That the show is still managing to retain my fickle-affections must mean something after eight seasons, but I’m glad that this is the final hurrah as I’m not keen on watching Dexter Morgan, become a grandad. Intriguingly, Charlotte Rampling has joined the cast as head-shrinker expert on psychopathy bent on exploiting the scarlet one’s talents.

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