#Movie #Review: Spring Breakers (2012)


And here we have my rant of the week. This movie is about an obnoxious bimbo quartet who, strapped for cash for their Spring break plans, stage a violent robbery. Once down in Florida, they fall under the spell of James Franco’s irritating, corn-rowed  rapper-OG. Vacuous, badly conceived exploitation cinema, dressed up as a morality tale with Miami Vice gloss. This was the film Michael Mann would have made if he was directing a Girls Gone Wild video*.  Even the sight of the girl protagonists wearing very little palls after five minutes. Written and directed by Harmony Korine, the same man responsible for the, not-so-shocking, Kids. If you’re going to make an exploitation movie, do it wholeheartedly, do it well or don’t do it at all.

*And had misplaced most of his brain.

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2 Responses to #Movie #Review: Spring Breakers (2012)

  1. Finally an honest review…great!


  2. Roy says:


    Just my own opinion of the movie.

    Thanks for visiting.



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