.tek Technobilge: #Apple, #iOS, #iPhone5s and Reebok Classics

With the iPhone 5s on its way, here’s a list of things that I think are still wrong with the iPhone, based on about a year-and-a-half of heavy iPhone 4s usage:

  • The old metal edges were pointlessly slippery, but at least robust. What is the point of using a soft metal like aluminium in high impact areas?
  • Glass strong, but far too easy to scratch, even from normal, careful use.  Utterly useless to have glass on the back of device.
  • Device is still awful in sunlight.  Yes, you can crank up the brightness, but screen is still too reflective.
  • Stupidly drawn-out navigation through menus.  For example, to turn 3/4G on or off.
  • Zero direct file-system access and umpteen other dumbo limitations leading to Jailbreaking on the increase if you can’t deal with the defaults, but just read this Forbes article.
  • Battery power is a joke! (All smartphone manufacturers are guilty of this one though).
  • iTunes. iTunes. iTunes.
  • And the soft shutter button for the camera!  Why is that not moveable?
  • iOS 7 looks very, very meh.

The only decent thing is how easy it is to develop for iOS compared to the complicated setup for Android development. But even this advantage is vastly diminished by Apple’s greedy strangle-hold on the iOS App marketplace.

Criticising Apple always feels futile and I’m pretty sure that I’ve said all the above elsewhere.  So to bring something new and constructive to the table, I’d like to draw attention to one last, but not unimportant gripe I have with Apple.  And that is the bottomless depth of my hatred for Tim Cook’s penchant for open-neck shirts.  If I can be weened off the evil that is Reebok Classics anything is possible.


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One Response to .tek Technobilge: #Apple, #iOS, #iPhone5s and Reebok Classics

  1. iTunes. iTunes. iTunes…totally agreed!


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