.tek: Privacy Concerns? Try Tor Mail #technology

In the light of various governments flexing their collective muscle, you might wish to consider using Tor Mail.  Tor Mail is an alternative mail service for those requiring greater confidence that their e-mails are not being traced.  Wikipedia:

“Tor Mail is a Tor hidden service that allows users to send and receive email anonymously, to addresses inside and outside Tor.”

How? To use Tor Mail, you will need to use the Tor Browser available here.  Now fire up the Tor Browser and head over to this page and follow the instructions.

Just remember, this does not mean that the e-mails are secure or encrypted, merely that users have anonymous IP entry and exit points to the Net when they use this service (as do all of Tor onion-routed services).  So don’t be mumbo dumbo and use personal details within the messages! (I don’t believe I actually have to say that).  If you want to encrypt your email, visit this site.

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