.tek Technobilge: PRISM + TPB Blocked Again, Sort of, In The UK


That whole PRISM fiasco: what a joke!  Let’s face it, no entity, be it government, corporation, individual, whatever actually needs need permission to spy on anyone in the first place, I mean it’s called spyingThey just need to get away with it.  And forcing disclosure?  Don’t make me snort my breakfast cereal.  You know how that will end?  Here’s how: THEY will reveal this and then hide that other thing that’s even more secret behind the big reveal.

And last night, the usual farcical token blocking of the The Pirate Bay in the UK *Yawn* Zzzzzzz…

Let’s hope there’s some real news in the next few days.  Hopefully something involving the invention of tasty no-fat chocolate.

If you want a real thrill, read SAM, because who says you can’t have fun while Rome burns.

Shakespearos indeed

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