Game of Thrones, Season 3 Finale


And that’s it until next year!

I think that HBO should have ended the season last week with that bloody and enormously powerful episode.  Can I possibly be the only one thinking that?  I think they just chickened out and didn’t want to end the season on a low.

Not being a reader of GRRM’s GOT novels, I can’t really say what will happen in the forthcoming seasons. Though we know that there’s definitely going to several huge ding-dongs involving the White Walkers, the remaining Starks against the Lannisters, Stannis Baratheon against both the Lannisters and the er… the other lot (???), the Iron Islanders… ahhh…, oh yes, they’ve gone to retrieve what bits of Theon still remain (ugh) and… okay that’s it, I give up, just about everybody is going to be attacking everybody.  Oh, and at some point Daenerys Targaryen’s going to wade in and incinerate the survivors with DRAGONS.  My final prediction is that Tyrion will eventually die horribly when he discovers that he is really quite an honourable and brave man after-all.  What an idiot.

When did fantasy become only about war?  I seem to remember that even Conan seemed to have a lot more fun than this unfortunate lot.

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