Writing Submissions for Star Adventurer Magazine: Proofread Several Times Please


I’m addressing this post to myself as well as those thinking of submitting to Star Adventurer Magazine, so please do not be offended.

I proofread and re-edited my last short-story, The Black Tower, for the final time and posted it up to the site yesterday. Then, in the evening, my mother pointed out several errors which I hastily corrected.  While doing this I noticed several more errors.

I think it is error-free now, but the point is that, as editor and publisher, I can always re-edit a post any time I choose.  You, however, will not have the luxury of that immediacy, so please try to ensure that the spelling, grammar and formatting are correct before submitting your work.

If you do notice errors that may have occurred during our transcription of your work to the magazine, please let us know and we will do our best to re-mediate the situation.

Just to remind anyone thinking of submitting:

Anything you send to us remains your own work; you retain full copyright.  You can pull a post, submit to other sites, sell your work to J.J. Abrams, whatever… any time you please.

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