Captain's Log, Stardate… Eh… Dunno…: Upcoming Podcast, Short-Story Submissions, Extreme Bizziness

spocks-eyebrowI was going to be all clever and put in a “real” stardate using one of the many online calculators put up by trekkies.  But the only commonality between them is that they all come out with wildly varying dates.  This suggests two things.  Perhaps most trekkies are awful at maths.  Or JJ might actually be correct in his alternative universes thingy.  (I am a trekkie myself, so don’t write in with complaints… and I’m not getting into the whole “trekkie” vs “trekker” debate either).

Submissions to Star Adventurer Magazine have tapered off lately and most of great authors who contacted me are from across the pond.  Why is that?  Don’t you other sentients out there want to be published?

My lack of time due to other stressful and a, frankly, astonishing number of extraneous commitments means that the proposed extra podcast between now and the beginning of June is not happening.  The good new is that the next neRRRdcast will be another marathon one.  Apart from the regular items (movies etc…), the idea is that we (me and a mystery guest) chat about our favourite things, mostly from the world of nerdom… Kind of opposite to Room 101.  All double-plus-good stuff in fact!  Wunderbar!

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