Star Adventurer Magazine: Update


We are still attempting to get this sucker off the ground, but have relaxed the rules.

Now authors retain FULL copyright of their work and the word counts are going to be a little looser. On the other hand: no payments.  But think of this as a way to promote your work. We will be happy to include links to your personal websites and a short author bio with each story.

One last thing, please don’t think of this as a completely free ride to free advertising. In return for promoting your work, we want decent stories, otherwise the magazine will suck! More importantly, potential publishers (those people out there with moolah who are looking for the next JK or SK) will stop visiting.

Thankyou for bearing with us through this particularly difficult birth and, if after reading the revised guidelines, you think you have something to offer, please get in touch. We would particularly like to hear from first-timers and novice authors.

Read the new guidelines by visiting

Follow us at on Twitter @StarAdventurer or email



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