No-Spoiler #SciFi #Movie #Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness


I have just returned home from the Star Trek/Star Trek: Into Darkness double-bill at Cineworld in Crawley. The atmosphere was electric and both the staff and movie-goers were wonderfully enthusiastic. There was a raffle (that I did NOT win. Grrr) and at the end of the show, we were given a free poster.


Star Trek themed cakes being sold for charity (St. Catherine’s Hospice).


And now onto the movie. You know how tetchy I am about movies, so when I say I enjoyed it, you know that can mean only one thing: GO SEE IT! JJ must have been stung by criticisms of the first movie having a weak story because the plot in ID does keep you guessing for quite a while. The pace is also fantastic, as is the action and we get to see the Star Trek universe being reinvented in even more interesting, parallel, but slightly skewed angles than in the first movie. ID seemed very short, even though it was about two hours long, which must mean that I did not want it to end, which I didn’t. In fact I forced my accompanying friend to stay until the very last credits rolled off the screen.


Great costumes ladies! (Your ears totally RAWK Vulcan science officer girl!)

Incidentally, the Gorn does feature.


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4 Responses to No-Spoiler #SciFi #Movie #Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness

  1. I was already going to see it, but you just convinced me even more.


  2. Roy says:

    Yeah Brock, it’s pretty damn good };->


  3. Anonymous says:

    morning captain Roy beaming message to you, thanks for keeping my husband out till 3 15 am, he really enjoyed the film, and your company, to any other trekers out its a must see film.


  4. Roy says:



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