.tek: Doom 3 BFG Installation Problems on Windows + Cube FPS Joy + Apple Firmware Updates #Gaming #Technology


I finally got my hands on Doom 3 BFG this afternoon, but ran into some common problems after the installation:

  • First, the dreaded “xinput1_3.dll…” missing error.
  • Then the “Application Error: Unable to launch…”


Cube FPS Joy: As well as playing Doom 3 on my new bootcamped Mac Mini, I’ve also been playing the excellent Cube FPSs and it’s variants which all seem to run fine on the Mac.

Apple Firmware Updates: Boot Camping the latest Mac Mini has left me with one last problem. The rEFIT boot menu I have installed to bring up the boot menu options, in the absence of a compatible keyboard, doesn’t show when the default boot OS is Windows. The only reason I have used rEFIT is to install whatever firmware updates Apple may issue for their hardware sometime in the future. The workaround is to select “Restart in Mac OS X” from the right-click context menu in the Boot Camp Systray icon and bingo, when the system reboots you should see the rEFIT boot menu. If you don’t, try a cold boot.

What are you looking at? Get fragging!

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