#Sick, #StarTrek: ID, Guy Hair, #Journalism, iBoneHead, #WordPress Keyboard Map

Sick: I managed to acquire some nasty bug after a fellow London Tube passenger managed to cough directly into my mouth.  Public Transport: what can I say?

Star Trek: ID: I have stocked up on Red Bull and caffeinated Lemsip for tomorrow night’s JJ double-bill IMAX extravaganza that I’m attending with a mate in Crawley, UK.  I suppose it doesn’t matter if I nod off a bit for the first movie, but I’m sure I’ll be wide awake for the second.  I have dug out my big, nerdy Avengers Assemble 3D specs for the occasion.  That should nicely disguise the big, nerdy glasses I wear every day.


Guy Hair: I finally attacked my greying thinning mane, Satan Claws beard and other diverse and disgusting guy-hair (I’m not even going there) with various cutting tools that included, I believe, a McCulloch and I’m now passing vaguely for one of you puny humans.  I’ve given up for the moment, on my evil-Spock goatee, until I find a hair dye that doesn’t attempt to eat my face.  I also lopped off my head-hair, but I’m not sure that I have done the right thing as I have a wonderfully, villainous Vetenari(sh) widow’s peak. Oh well, shouldn’t take long to grow out.

Journalism: Sick of not finding a job, I’ve decided to start my NCTJ training by distance-learning.  I’m also applying for NUJ membership so I can get a freelancer’s press-pass.  Yes, I’m looking, so if you have a job… Oh and by the way, before you attempt to offer me an appalling rate- I have now found the London Freelancers’ rate comparison page.

iBoneHead: My iPhone properly crashed today after I received an aborted  phone call.  Don’t know why!  Hard reboot fixed it.

WordPress Keyboard Map: If you find your keyboard not working properly in WordPress or any web form/app, e.g. the @ and ” symbols getting swapped or the # symbol disappearing, check out the language bar. Some apps can swap your keyboard map!  How stupid is that?

Cook, Ives, Baker, Mullenweg‎, Ballmerrrrrrrrr!!!

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