Roy's Rollup: Da Vinci's Demons, Orphan Black, FiloFraud, Dirt Revisited


Da Vinci’s Demons: I’m just starting to watch this new series from trash-meister Starz, responsible for such epics as Spartacrud. This one, I’m pleased to say, doesn’t entirely suck. I liked the general look, the story had me intrigued, the cast was attractive and the subject fascinating. What I didn’t like was some wobbly CGI. Still, good stuff Starz. And who was the “just prance about”, de-wimpled nun, Vanessa girl? And, more importantly, will we see her again? Oh, and Siddig El Fadil is in it playing a mysterious Turk. Good god people, can you not cast the guy, just for once, in an un-swarthy, un-suspicious foreigner role? I’ve seen browner white guys. We miss you Doctor Bashir!

Orphan Black: No, not a chance that this should be anything more than a mini-series; 7-8 episodes tops. Doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it so far though, and I am impressed by the two main Canadian actors’ mastery of the London(ish) accent. Dialect coaching for actors is definitely getting better, or maybe I’m getting deafer. For example, for ages I had no idea Apollo from BSG was English, and look at Grimes and the Governor in The Walking Dead, a-freaking-mazing! If the show doesn’t outstay its welcome, it should promise some decent neo-noir fun. I’m currently catching up with the last couple of episodes, so there should be lots to talk about in the podcast later this week.

FiloFraud: Despite the transition of The Captain’s Log (my notes) to an A5 binder, I am still using the FiloFax because I haven’t managed to find those dratted credit card pockets. Hardly epochal news, but my sudden vociferous allergy to all FiloFax products (possibly psychosomatic) demands that I report this. Oh who cares anyway?  ‘Xactly. While I’m wittering on about this stuff, Laurie of Philofaxy and Plannerisms has sent me a link to another page full of free, downloadable A5 pages.

Dirt Revisited: I’m again re-watching the series Dirt (2008)- a show about a trashy celebrity scandal magazine. There is something magnetic about this show and bizarrely inspiring about the ferocious work ethic of the main character, hard-bitten editor Lucy Spiller, played by Courtney Cox. For example, in one episode she says “I want eight-hundred words on my desk in one hour!” Which reminds me… Bye!

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