Writing for Star Adventurer Magazine: "people wouldn't know pulp from a gaping, bloody .50 cal hole in their heads."

doc-savageDespite an initial lack of response to my call for submissions, some short stories are starting to trickle in. Unfortunately most people wouldn’t know pulp from a gaping, bloody .50 cal hole in their heads.*

Pulp, Hard-boiled, 70s-style Hammer Horror, Altairan Death-Squids Wants Our Women! Vampires? Yeah, but the unsparkly, tear your limbs off type. Zombies? Yeah, but no philosophising, just pass me the 12 gauge! This isn’t brain-surgery!

To that end I have found a site which has re-printed the creator of Doc Savage, Lester Dent’s, advice to pulp writers. Remember, your story will only be around 1500 words long, so you’ll need to grab the reader by the neck in the first line or so. Read the article before you send anything or I’ll send Igor to your house with a chainsaw.**


Star Adventurer Magazine is a one-person effort run by little old me, so my time is limited and I have writing projects of my own to juggle. If you are going to submit, almost everything you need to know is on this page-


Break a leg, before Igor does it for you.



*example of pulp writing.

**and another goddamn example.

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