@GameOfThrones @HBO #GOT #Fantasy #Jobs*: Game of Thrones, Good Old Blighty, Unrealistic Expectations of a Ukulele Playing Rock Star

the-smoking-jacketGame of Thrones: One of the young shop assistants in Waterstones book shop was humming the theme of GOT today as I browsed, so guess what’s on the playlist tonight?

Good Old Blighty: Apart from that, just tootling along; no decent jobs in the offing, SSDD. One jobsy development is that I have now been signed up for Executive Job Club, which means that over my working lifetime, this is around my fifth or sixth attendance. Sixth time’s charm I hope. Nothing else to add. Well, a LOT more to add, though nothing you could print. I will say this though- my overwhelming impression is that rather than showing any measurable desire to help you get back to work, the government appears much more interested in finding ways of disqualifying you from benefit. Think “Tax Avoidance” is trending? How about “Benefit Payment Avoidance.” Trend that Cameron.

Unrealistic Expectations of Ukulele Playing Rockstar: Just before I retire to the screening room and don my smoking jacket to watch GOT, I would like HBO to consider casting me as a suspiciously foreign, but debonair and deadly, lute-playing** assassin/troubadour? Hell, if I’m not going to @ HBO!

*The hash-tags in the title do seem remarkably appropriate.

**A uke IS, sort of.

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