Update: #Website, #Blog, Star Adventurer Magazine, #Writing, #Podcast

phileas-pen-and-monogrammed-hankerchiefWebsite and Blog: I updated my home webpage and wasted far too much time learning about the Google Font API, before deciding they mostly looked nasty, giving up and returning to CSS-thinned Times New Roman. Also, as you can see, this blog has been spruced up too. Finally, I re-bestowed a title upon myself as befits my birthright.

Star Adventurer Magazine: I managed to only get a minuscule amount of writers interested. This has taught me that most people are all mouth and no trousers. Since, so far, I have only paid for this venture with the domain registration fee and my precious time, it’s no biggy.

Writing: I’m still wading through a morass of writing projects and starting to feel that I have been too ambitious in my first book which is complicated enough to confuse Holmes, Poirot, Jessica Fletcher, and send Monk running. Still, must persevere.

Podcast: Episode 13 of the neRRRcast is due at the end of the month. This time there will be guest(s), so you won’t be stuck with just un-dulcet-toned me for a change. We will probably be talking about Iain (M.) Banks.

Toodle-pip peops.

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