#SciFi #TV and #Game: Defiance (2013) Watch the First 14 Minutes of the Show


So, yeah Defiance the video game/TV show is out today, well at least the game by Trion anyway. In fact, I saw it sitting on the shelf in Game yesterday, although it was officially released even before that on April 2nd.

Looks like a fairly run-of-the-mill PC/PS3/Xbox360 MMORPG set on a future scorched earth peopled by both humans and aliens. Defiance is the name of a town where our hero, a war vet, settles in as the local lawman. A bit Firefly-ish western-themed then.

The TV show, which is the work of SciFi man Rockne S. O’Bannon responsible for excellent past SciFi shows like Alien Nation, starts on April 15th. You can watch the first 14 minutes of the show right here, right now:

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