#Horror #TV Review: The Walking Dead (2013) Season 3 Finale (Lots of Spoilers)


Although last week saw the rather unpleasant outlaw biker Merle going walker briefly before getting stomped by his tearful brother Darryl (if ever blood was thinner than water…), in the season finale, David “The Gore-venator” Morrissey finally… DID NOT BUY THE FARM! In fact, he will return in the next season.

A spoiler-ridden synopsis of the season finale follows:

Rick’s son Carl goes a little psycho and offs a surrendering teenager. The Governor loses it, kills most of his own soldiers after a disastrous attack on the prison, then hightails it. Andrea is bitten by creepy geek Milton who turns walker after being gutted by the Governor and then takes herself out. Finally, our heroes take in the abandoned citizens of Woodbury.

For the first time since the show started I felt a little sympathy for liberal lawyer Andrea, what a horrible, ignominious way to go. Her naivete really got her goose cooked. If there is any moral to this show, it is that you should not trust anyone.

I liked that the show upped the action this season, though I would have liked some more of the SciFi/Disaster movie trope of Season 1.  You can see a pattern emerging- Season 1: SciFi, Season 2 Soap, Season 3 Action and I’m wondering which way this survival horror is going next. You can certainly bet on the gradual attrition of major characters, but we’ll just have to wait and see in October.

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