#TV #Review: David Bowie and the Story of Ziggy Stardust

You can still watch this here if you are quick as it will be online for a couple of days.


After watching this, it is difficult to judge whether there is anything left to know about Bowie, other than the number of fillings he has had and his inside-leg measurement. Only joking; this is the kind of infodump I like, not too personal and really focusing on his career. For example, I had no idea that he’d been trying to make it through mime lessons, children’s entertainment, as a folk artist, a stage actor, an ad extra, a song writer and a producer in the 10 years BEFORE Ziggy. Or that the Spiders were tarted up droogs from A Clockwork Orange. However, I do find it fascinating that while his contemporaries have fully succumbed to sagging agedness, Bowie himself still remains in fairly good nick. One can only guess as what eldritch and unnatural treatments he and Maris Crane share in those Swiss Stepford medical enclaves to fend off the Reaper. There were many guest spots on the show, where celebs shared their fond recollections of this seminal Bowie era, but the surgical alteration of Elton John’s voice has never really struck me until listening to him growl nostalgically, wjth the grunt of a 300 lb, testosterone-boosted, cyborg, terminator-gorilla: yes THAT much machismo. Rocket Man will never sound the same again. Check out this documentary if you are into Bowie or are trying to make it. Remember, As ACDC’s Bon Scott once sang “It’s a long way to the top if want to rock and roll.”

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