#SciFi #Movie #Review: Earthling (2011)


Earthling (2011): A woman comes to realise that she is not human, but part of a community of extra-terrestrial’s living on earth. There are echoes of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) and Alien (1979), but it has it’s own voice and is not at all derivative. The drama plays out more like an old-school, pre-Tennant Doctor Who, but a bit more adult and with a lot of swearing and a good dose of pregnancy-based, Cronenbergian-style body-horror. I like it because, although it looks vaguely hipster, it is actually a straight SciFi horror. There is no real metaphor or allegorical content and minimal preaching, (maybe I’m wrong, but that’s my take). I could criticise the pace, which seems a bit slow, but not a bad effort and certainly deserves better reviews. Improvements could have included a more kinetic sound track, a more frenetic pace and more colour. John Carpenter would have been “all up in it” as Raj from The Big Bang Theory would say! It’s a bit too “indie” looking for it’s own good };->

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