.tek Technobilge: 3D, Mac OS X, Beats Branding, Hot PCs, Hotel Thermostats


3D: Remember the other dumb trends that seems to have started with a wedge of lime in your beer bottle and then Apple sticking an “i” in front of everything? (Imagine a time when you will be able to step into a suicide booth called the iWantToDie™). 3D is just like that. “3D” TVs, monitors, movies etc…; expensive to buy and looks terrible.*

Mac OS X: No decent native file manager, many, many stupidly unmemorable keyboard shortcuts (I use vi, so I should know), beautiful but very, very boring desktop and iTunes (but my complaints about iTunes would fill an entire series of volumes).

Beats Branding : Just as Posh probably didn’t get greasy under the hood of the Evoque, have her hair fashionably disheveled in a wind tunnel or ponder over the code of an engine management system, I’m pretty sure that Doctor Dre’s involvement in most of his Beats branded products, if it even happens at all, is pretty minimal. So why even bother? It did not make me buy my HP 210 4000 Beats branded netbook. That was just incidental while trying to source a dirt-cheap netbook.

Hot PCs: Since Dell’s Genitalia Gate of a few years ago, PCs may be a  little safer, but they have not been getting any cooler. While John and Jane Thomas might now be safe from a barbecuing, there are still idiots in charge thermal management at all the big brands. In the past, I have had an Amstrad desktop that caught fire, a Toshiba killed twice by heat and a refurbished IBM M52 ThinkCentre that was hot enough to fry an egg.**

Windows 8: I feel it’s going the same way as Vista, see Windows Blue. I have used Windows since the hateful version 3.0 and, for fun, I have also tried the earlier versions too. So here is my highly technical evaluation of each version:

  • Windows 1.01-2.11 URGH
  • Window 3.0-3.1 BAD
  • Windows NT3.1 BAD
  • Windows 3.11 GOOD
  • Windows NT 3.5-3.51 BAD
  • Windows 95 SP1-OSR1-2.5 BAD
  • Windows 95 OSR2 GOOD
  • Windows NT4.0 GOOD
  • Windows 2000 GOOD
  • Windows Me BAD
  • Windows 98 BAD
  • Windows 98 SE GOOD
  • Windows 2000 BAD
  • Windows XP GOOD
  • Windows 2003 GOOD
  • Windows Vista BAD
  • Windows  7 GOOD
  • Windows 8 BAD
  • Windows Blue ?

(NB/: None of the “Starter” versions are worth using.)

Hotel Thermostats: I am currently at a Premier Inn while I work on a short contract. The heating in the first room they put me in didn’t work. In the second room that I currently occupy, it does, at least partially. Sometimes, for no reason that I can discern, perhaps out of simple spite, it just turns itself off. This is actually the third Premier Inn I have stayed at this year and they have all had faulty software controlling the heating. Somewhere out there is either an incompetent software consulting firm or hardware manufacturer.

*The glasses-free versions of 3D are particularly horrible.

**I tried tweaking the IBM, but found that its other special attribute was the “easy access” case, with a built-in security feature, where every single piece of exposed metal was razor-sharp. I think that there is still a pool of my blood in that case.

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