#Movie #Reviews: Chico and Rita, Dark Shadows, Upside Down, Wall Street, Wall Street: The Money Never Sleeps


Chico and Rita (2010) is a delightful Spanish/Isle of Man co-production animation about the love affair between a piano player and a singer in pre-revolutionary Cuba. I can’t think of anything bad to say about this movie because it is great. Just be aware that it IS a movie for grownups! I chat a bit more about it in this podcast: Roy’s Rocket Radio, Episode 11.


Dark Shadows (2012) is a dark fantasy/horror/comedy starring Johnny Depp. Okay for a video+pizza night at home. Given the family-rated trailers, I wasn’t expecting quite so, er, adult content and violence, but this was a good thing and saved the movie from being totally lame (though perhaps I was watching the unrated version, so make sure you do too). In a nutshell, Depp is a vampire, entombed for centuries, who re-awakens to a strange and modern world, wherein he attempts to rebuild his family’s fortunes. Again, I talk about the movie in this podcast: Roy’s Rocket Radio, Episode 4.


I just finished watching Upside Down (2012) this morning. Kirsten Dunst plays the love interest in this fairytale, thinly disguised as science fiction.* The basics: two worlds, one hanging over the over and separated by only a few feet in places (like mountaintops) to a few hundred feet. Gravity is inverted and the physics looks like baloney, but on each world you can see the inhabitants of the other world hanging over you upside down, hence the title. Briefly- boy and girl from opposing worlds fall in love. Pretty weak and I think it would have worked much better as a short novel.


I watched Wall Street (1987) a couple of days ago, urged on by watching the next film (and it is just so much better than Stone’s sequel). Charlie Sheen plays an ambitious Wall Street trader who is corrupted by his mentor, the Über-trader, Gordon Gecko. This movie seems to have generated more quotes per minute than any other movie I have ever seen. Incredibly, and aside “lunch is for wimps”, the best quote from the movie isn’t even listed on IMDB, but here it is-

“…in 10 minutes it’s history. At four o’clock I’m a dinosaur!”

The movie only suffers from Stone’s cameo.

The thing about this movie is that it was supposed to show how awful the whole stock trading world is, instead it inspired a whole new generation of brace-wearing Gordon Geckos. It certainly had that effect at my university which seemed to be have been populated solely by voters of the Conservative party.


Wall Street: The Money Never Sleeps (2010) is the not-terrible sequel to Wall Street* (1987). Shia Labeouf is likeable, but wrong for the role and the whole movie just feels a bit anaemic. Still, might be okay for a night in. Zero quotes per minute and yet another annoying cameo by Stone and the top-heavy A-lister cast doesn’t help either.

*Whereas the excellent The Fountain (2006) was science fiction disguised as a fairytale. I can and will explain every complicated SciFi movie of note in a future post… };-> Book idea?

**I’ve visited the real Wall Street too.

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