.tek Technobilge: Buzzwords, Development Methodologies, Integrated Graphics and OO


More tech-rage exorcised-

Buzzwords: “There’s a disconnect between…”, the word “disconnect” used in that way makes my hackles rise up to a point near the ceiling.

Development Methodologies: At uni it was SSADM (the fascist) and SSM (the hippy).  Then at work, UML (if I hear just one more git mention “use-case”…) and later Agile.  As if someone needs to say that reiterative engineering/deployment/re-engineering cycles are good (argh, and to think that I just came up with that unlovely turn-of-phrase). Much respective thanks to all especially Rational and Fowler.

Integrated Graphics: It’s partly the reason you can buy a cheap laptop in Tescos and other down-market retailers.  They are absolutely useless as is evidenced from my glorious Beats HP Mini 210-4000 netbook from Argos (oh, don’t worry, I’m coming for you Dr. Dre).

OO: Years after OO went berserk with popularity, no one has yet explained quite why code reuse is the sole province of OO languages and methodologies.  Hack enough and you’ll start removing frequently used bits of code out to external functions… I’m a script kiddie, so what the hell do I know anyway?

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