Roy's Rocket Radio #Podcast Delayed Again Because I Got A #Job…

…Sadly not in media*, but a very temporary IT job that should keep the wolves from this writer’s door (because I left my axe in Alberta**).

rrr-smallThat last review about the Oz movie was in lieu of a new episode of the fantabulous Roy’s Rocket Radio podcast, but I promise that a new episode is monkey-winging its way to you soon.  Although I’m not sure when, be assured that it will just pop out, unpredictably, like some audio-ninja!  Or, for the less generous listeners out there, like that sentient zit on Richard E. Grant’s neck in How To Get A Head In Advertising.  Ba-dom-shaaa!

*Got yet another vague rejection email from an editor*** this morning.

**Which sounds like a Country and Western song, but is true.  Fact.

***Actually an editor’s secretary, which is the second time this has happened.

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