Roy's Rocket Radio: Slight Buggerup With Episode 11 (#SciFi, #Horror & #Fantasy #Podcast)

Sorry if you tried to download Episode 11 and got Episode 10 instead.  My fault entirely and the situation has been remedied.  Just to reiterate the highlights of what is in the latest podcast-

Chico and Rita, Following, Jack The Giant Slayer, Robot and Frank, Silver Lining’s Playbook, Terry Pratchett movies, The Master, Wake Wood, The Following, Fringe, Once Upon a Time, Touch, The Walking Dead, Hammer Film Productions, Comic formats

Incidentally, I’m trying my best to produce a better sound, but despite my de-essing, pitch-shifting and levelling filters, it still does not sound quite right.  The weak point is the microphone itself (and me), but that’s being looked at.  As Frasier likes to say and with no less pomposity-

“Thanks for listening.”

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