.tek: My Mouse Has Side-Scrolling. Who Knew?


My eyesight must be getting worse.   Had this mouse for a year and only just noticed that the scroll wheel also goes side to side.  The little arrows kind of give it away.  That’s techies for you- we never read the instructions.  Just rely on the Force.  Duhhh.


Also got this 3 quid no-name speaker from PCWorld (UK) last year and it kicks the pants off my lame netbook’s built-in “Beats Audio” (puhleeze) speakers.  But it’s a bit hit-and-miss shopping there.  For example, I also bought another cheapo speaker to boost the turn-by-turn voice on my iPhone sattnav app (Waze) and it is USELESS.  As was a JawBone earpiece I also tried.  Apparently I have the wrong shape ears to use any earpiece-handsfree-thingy.  Damn you humans, with your puny sound-flaps.

More coffee!

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