SyFy's Blakes Seven Remake?


I finally caved in and e-mailed SyFy-

Dear SyFy

I am an avid Blakes Seven aficionado. 

Back in July last year the internet was rife with news/rumours of an imminent SyFy remake.  It is now almost half a year later and there has been no more information forthcoming.  

Can you please tell me and my readers at what stage of development this new show has reached?



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Fingers crossed.  As you know, if you listen to the podcast, I often become apoplectic with rage at the very concept of remakes and reboots, but if it was a totally new show based in the universe of Blake Seven, with a couple of the original actors/characters thrown in, i.e. continuing the franchise, then that would be really something.  After-all, Star Trek managed to pull it off.  Besides, I cannot tell you how long I’ve waited for Blakes Seven to return!

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