Reading… Salam Pax

salam-pax-bookJust found this book in the corner of the toilet of the house I’m sharing- Salam Pax: The Bagdad Blog by an anonymous Iraqi blogger.*  It is made up of his blog entries made during the war in Iraq between 2002-2003.

Absolutely fascinating reading because, while I followed the war on TV like everyone else in the west I was, at the time, too busy settling into Vancouver, Canada as a new skilled migrant and realising that a Master’s degree could get you only as far as minimum wage.  In other words, I was a little wrapped up in my own problems back then.   Interestingly, fellow Vancouverite and mucho famous SF author William Gibson was right on the ball even back then and comments on the back of the book, (published in 2003).  In my (a)pathetic crowd, the war was barely mentioned.

And amazingly, for something so non-genre, it is not at all boring and puts a very human touch on war from a civilian’s POV.  Refreshing and recommended.

*Salam Pax was later revealed to be Salam Abdulmunem, aka Salam al-Janabi.  Just Google him.  Happy ending though- he now works for UNICEF. 

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