Roy's Rocket Radio #Podcast, Episode 8: #SciFi, #Fantasy, #Horror

rrr-smallNew episode out now, brought to you this morning (01.55) from a snowed-in hotel at London, Heathrow.  Brrrr!  At the top of the show I forget what my own podcast is called. Duhhh.  Topics this week:

Live from Terminal 5, Movies: Berberian Sound Studio, Flight, The Girl, Hitchcock, Kon-Tiki, Premium Rush, Star Wars, The Ward, Django Unchained, Zero Dark Thirty, TV: Jekyll, Sherlock, Utopia, Comics: DR and Quinch, Books: 11.22.63, Here There Be Dragons, Amphigorey. 

Get it here, or in iTunes tomorrow.

I arrived in England from my flight from Mauritius wearing flip-flops, shorts and a tee-shirt.  Now I’m snuggling into my full Winter gear, bought almost immediately, cranking up the heating and watching The Fugitive until I fall asleep.

Enjoy the show.

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