Black Angel: Do Your Remember Seeing This #Fantasy #Movie?


Back at the dawn of time, I remember my mother taking me to see some movie, and this beguiling fantasy short came on before the main feature*.  There was a knight, a woman and and a clever twist, but that’s about all I can recall.

The name of the film was Black Angel (1980), which reports was the directorial debut of Star Wars art director Roger Christian.  Let’s hope Mr. Christian makes good on his promise to bringing the movie back from the dead.

Now all I have to do is track down a SciFi movie about Atlantis I remember watching as a kid, but that everyone I question claims does not exist.  It had a team of explorers, a princess and these beam weapons that turned you to stone… If you recognise the movie, or even worked on it, then get in touch.

*The Empire Strikes Back (1980)!

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