.tek: Razer's Gaming Tablet… Upcoming Maybe…

fionaProject Fiona is Razer’s long-trumpeted foray into tablet market.  Razer say that they have been consulting with users and have thus far come up with something along the lines of a fairly standard looking tablet- i7 CPU, 10 inch display, stereo, with dual built-in controllers.  Furnace-like i7 CPU?  Proposed monstrous grand-plus price?  The only benefit I can see is the chunky controllers.  Weirdly, no mention of GPU.

Remember how the Razer’s Switch Blade looked nothing like the prototype and priced itself right out of the market?

Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan is notable amongst the nerdarati as having both a humongous ego and overusing superlatives in the same way that I overuse the exclamation mark!

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