Captain Roy's Rusty Rocket #Radio #Show: Nerdomundo #SciFi #Podcast #Christmas Edition OUT NOW! #Mauritius, #Africa, #UK, #Canada

Yes, here it is, in all its dubious glory.  As usual you can download the show utilising a veritable myriad of marvelous methods from here.

In this week’s Christmas Edition we talk about: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, Men In Black 3, The Words, Safe House, Safety Not Guaranteed, Star Trek: ITD, Oblivion, After Earth, Seven Psychopaths, Hyperion, Google Maps, Google Nexus 10 Tablet and SyFy’s Blakes Seven remake.


If you are new to the show- this show is unique in being the only truly international nerd podcast and the only one where almost every type of nerdy-goodness is covered- SciFi, Horror, Fantasy and the odd vanilla offering from Movies, TV, Books, Comics, Games, Toys and Tech, ranging from the classic years to the modern era and the future.  In other words- “To infinity and beyond!”  Urrrr… logic error… does not compute… BANG!  Fizzle, etc…

Please remember to rate and review the shows in iTunes and to like and comment in this blog.  All feedback is greatly appreciated.

Enjoy the show and Merry Christmas!


Welcome to The Greatest Show in the Multiverse!  Strap yourself into a star-pilot’s acceleration chair for an extraordinary rocket ride into the Nerdomania Nebula…  Whooosh!  From a dusty back-room in the Rusty Rocket tavern in Altair City spaceport on Altair 5, we bring you the latest news about: Movies, Comics, Books, Games, Toys and Tech.  Produced by Captain Roy, using alien technology, eldritch powers and caffeinated beverages since July 2012.

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