.tek & Other Torments: #Programming: Lazarus, #Mauritius: Birthdays, #TV: Homeland, Walking Dead

Hey,  I LIKE TurboPascal, never got into Delphi, FreePascal’s bearable, but Lazarus IDE?  There’s always some damn error trying to compile anything other than the simplest programs.  This is obviously because I don’t really know what I’m doing, which is the way I stumbled my way through MS VB/VBA and a whole bunch of other languages.  Lazarus, however, is complicated enough that it needs lots and lots of really easy-reading documentation, books etc…  Yes, there is this one book written a few years ago, but it’s quite expensive and not something you can just pick up and flick through in Foyles, Chapters, Printemp, Book Court or the local library.  I’m just at the point of totally giving up and getting stuck into slowmo Java.  There is the alternative Lazarus dist CodeTyphoon, but that doesn’t work on Mac OS X.  I’ve also tried CodeBlocks (C/C++) too for multiplatform dev, but again no decent books.  Argh!  Sorry Lazarus and goodbye.

In other annoying news, I couldn’t find a decent birthday card for mum at Dumbo (Jumbo).  Nearly all the birthday cards were for males.  I suspect incompetent shelf-filling rather than a conspiracy aimed solely at me.  I think.  I still haven’t bought a present either and her birthday is tomorrow.  Just to make things harder, she says that she doesn’t want chocolates.  Dilemma.

I couldn’t care less what happens in Homeland anymore.  It’s dragged it’s sorry behind along for too long and I hate most of the characters.  Saul, I had at least a passing sympathy for, but now he’s acting all shocked that the cards are suddenly stacked up against him.  Duhhh.  What did he expect?  A basket of puppies?  I did enjoy seeing F. Murray Abraham in the last episode (Season 2, Episode 11) chatting to Saul in the diner.  Great actor, wish he was on the screen a whole lot more.

The Walking Dead.  No problems, still pretty interesting though I think the next season should quite definitely be the last season.  Let’s clear the way for some new shows.  Now, who’s up  for a new Star Trek-based TV series? Me, me, me!

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