#Movie #Review: Alex Cross

alex-crossRob Cohen’s directing wasn’t awful and the writing wasn’t terrible.  I wouldn’t say that it was anything award-winning, but it was passable.  Not the zero-rated film that many make it out to be.

What was horrible was some of the acting, and from actors I usually have a lot of respect for.  Jean Reno is an unmemorable rich French guy, Matthew Fox is a gurning, grimacing, unmenacing pyscho-Sam Fisher/Syphon Filter assassin and John C. McGinley is unbelievably annoying as a clichéd, idiot of a police captain.

The most irritating thing about the movie was the unresolved issue of who exactly was the bad guy really?

Tyler Perry’s performance as the burly, brainy Dr. Alex Cross was, dare I say it, not only credible, but better than Morgan Freeman’s, who never really struck me as the Alex Cross of the Patterson novels.

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