#Movie #Review: #Argo, #Paranorman, #Sinister

argoArgo – In a nutshell, the CIA hatch a plan to get US embassy workers out of revolutionary Iran by disguising them as a SciFi film crew on a location scout.  The movie starts with a little potted, and surprisingly objective, history of the revolution in Iran.   The movie reminded me of a real-life Wag The Dog, only even more incredible.  Ben Affleck shines with his competent direction and also nicely underplays watchful CIA spook Tony Mendez.    The only minor criticism is that I actually became overly interested in the fake SciFi movie cover-story.  Great, go watch it.

paranormanParanorman – Claymation movie about ostracised, young horror nerd (hey, that was me) who is tasked with saving his town from a horrible curse.  Zombies, witches, supernatural horror and gags to keep the grownups interested too.  Popcorn.


Sinister – Ethan Hawk plays a controversial true-crime writer who moves his family to a house where horrific murders took place in order to write his next best-seller.  Not bad, but would have done a lot better with less.  Remove almost all the grating incidental music, the pointless CGI apparitions and the death-metal/goth/juggalo villain (yawn) and it would almost be passable.  Sometimes less really is more.  Not brilliant.  Notable, though brief, performance by James Ransone who plays a quirky deputy.

NB/ No more chainsaw, star, skull ratings or “Top Ten whatever” postings.  I’ll leave that to IMDB.

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