Second Run: The Public Eye and Captain Ron

Another couple of favourite movie picks.


The Public Eye is an excellent movie based on the life of New York Daily News photographer Arthur Fellig.  In this movie, Joe Pesci plays Fellig-like Bernzy down to a “T”.  Well known in the glitzy, violent, criminal underworld of 1940s New York, Bernzy is a driven night-owl snapper (I don’t think the word “paparazzi” is appropriate here) who sleeps fully-clothed, camera beside him, lest he miss that one shot.  Ignore the IMDB ratings, they are wrong.  This is a great movie.


Captain Ron – Here is my near-namesake and the reason someone once, annoyingly, gave me moniker “Captain Roy.”  Captain Ron is a harmless, boat-bum who plies the Carribean tourist-trade as an itinerant charter-captain, adopting a highly implausible, vaguely piratical, salty-dog personnae to further his business.  In the movie he assists father-of-three Martin Short with an inherited boat.  Chaos ensues.  Again, ignore the average IMDB rating.

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