.tek: @BBCWatchdog @Ofcom @CPWTweets @cpwcares WARNING: Car Phone Warehouse #UK #iPhones Lock On 1st Use!

The Great Car Phone Warehouse Rip Off – If you are in the UK, DO NOT buy a full-priced, SIM-free iPhone from Car Phone Warehouse because once you insert a SIM, the phone will lock to that network permanently.

Car Phone Warehouse staff have not been telling their customers this at the point of sale.  I should know because it’s happened to me and many other people too if you search Google.  Eventually, if you look hard enough you might find this page buried in the Car Phone Warehouse website.

Which begs the question why bother buy a SIM-free, unlocked  iPhone from Car Phone Warehouse at all?  Car Phone Warehouse have more retail outlets than Apple and you generally don’t have to wait long for service.  Couple the ease of purchase with the fact that most people believe that SIM-free and unlocked really means what it says and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Spare yourself ending up with a very expensive paperweight and buy directly from Apple.

Want to complain to CPW?  The CEO of CarPhone Warehouse is Sir Charles William Dunstone, his e-mail address is, I believe- dunstonec@cpw.co.uk You can also try using this web form or tweet @cpwcares

Car Phone Warehouse, you are this week’s Sith-Lords.

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