Captain Roy's Rusty Rocket Radio Show #SciFi #Podcast

Season 1, Episode 5, Sunday 2nd December 2012


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Two announcements, one delay and it’s finally here.  “um”s and “ah”s supplied at no extra cost.

In this final line-upfor the show I’m wittering on about this stuff-

House hunting sucks, NaNoWriMo, Africa not all bad news*, Screen horror wunderbar, Argo, Hunger Games movies and books, Riddick: Dead Man Stalking, Discovery’s SciFi Science, Arrow, The Walking Dead, Mr. X, Hyperion, Polar City Blues, Gideon’s Sword, Smartphones v Non-Smartphones, Car Phone Warehouse iPhone Rip off, Underpowered computers

Welcome to the Rusty Rocket Radio Show.  Strap yourself into a star-pilot’s acceleration chair for an extraordinary rocket ride into the mysterious heart of nerdomania.  From a dusty back-room of the Rusty Rocket tavern in Altair City spaceport on Altair 5, I bring you the most important news in the multiverse about movies, comics, books, games, toys and tech.  Highly unprofessional and badly produced by Captain Roy since July 2012.

*Here’s the video I mentioned about Kelvin Doe, boy genius-

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