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The newspaper I work for (The Independent Daily, Mauritius) stopped producing a PDF epaper at the end of August.  The archive of my printed stories before this date were produced by exporting from PDF to JPEG files.  Therefore, since September, I have been making my archived stories available in html.  Here are a few you might have missed-

For older articles, visit this page.

Coming soon-

Mon 03-Dec-2012 Nerd With A Shotgun Destroys All Monsters: Payback Time With Cube Engine FPS Games


Mon 10-Dec-2012 Citizen’s Tradecraft: A Beginners Guide To Cyber-Spying

Read them right here, or if you are in Mauritius, buy the whole paper (only 10 Rupees) and turn to page 9 on Mondays.  It’s the one with this blue banner-

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