#iPhone4S #Photography: #Curepipe, #Bagatelle, Trou Aux Cerfs, #Mauritius

Busy again, just a photo posting (smalls pics here linked to hi-res pics on my Flickr page).

Mum, dad and me at the recent Skyfall Indpedendent/Matinal event at Bagatelle and what the hell is wrong with my teeth? (NB/ Thanks to the kind person who took this for me)-

View from Trou Aux Cerfs-

Trou Aux Cerfs crater-

Me at Trou Aux Cerfs-

All taken with an iPhone 4S.  Yeah, doesn’t beat even a cheapo digital camera, but then no smartphone does.  There were some quite dramatic skies, as you can see, but without a decent camera, it was hard to capture detail even after finagling the the AE/AF lock.    What irritates  me is that I could have done better with my old Praktica SLR and some B&W Kodachrome or Ilford 64.  I also had to delete quite a few worse shots to whittle it down to these four and even then I had to add 10% extra contrast and -10% less brightness.

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