No #Sleep Til…, Getting Published, #Skyfall, #Fringe, #Writing, #Blogging & #Podcasting

No Sleep ‘Til… – After so many late nights, indicative of insomnia rather than hard work, I slept on and off for most of the last 24 hours and I’m still tired.

Getting Published – I listened to the latest Geek’s Guide To The Galaxy podcast last night and was a bit worried by Cory Doctorow mentioning that you need fame in the arts to sell anything.  A couple of days ago I also read horror writer Shaun Hutson saying much the same thing in this widely disseminated article, albeit with a lot more colourful language as is his wont.  The whole process of schmoozing, getting an agent etc… fills me with mortal dread- you would have thought that just writing books was enough.  In a few months I’ll have finished a book or three and will, presumably, have go through the wringer of submissions and rejections etc… gosh what fun.

Skyfall – I’m the first to admit not being the next Wells, but I recently read possibly the most ridiculous article about Skyfall in The Guardian ever, so duhhh in fact that I had to check it wasn’t April 1st.  Perhaps I shouldn’t let my constant rejections from the high and mighty media gods get me down if that is the kind of competition I have to contend with.  It’s best that you just read it yourself.

FringeFringe really is getting all Lost this season,  I’ll try and synopsyse episode seven for you and you’ll see what I mean.  Here goes.  Alt-Walt is getting less like original Walt and rapidly metamorphosing into Walternate and so is determined to have parts of his restored brain removed (again).  Peter has got inside the heads of the Observers by putting some of the tech in their heads into his own making him part Observer, i.e. he’s now like Neo from The Matrix.  There’s an Escheresque building, a spare hand, David Bowie and the great (and by now viral) line- “Fire up the laser Agnes,  let’s’ get that hand out of the amber!”  The episode ends to the strains of David Bowie’s The Man Who Sold The World.  And to think, I used to have that song on the B-side of the great single Life on Mars until I donated it.  I just hope someone’s appreciating my choice vinyl right now and it hasn’t found it’s way to some Canadian landfill.

Writing, Blogging & Podcasting – I’m suffering from Social Media exhaustion.  I’m just bummed out trying to connect with people, friends, family etc… and it’s taking time away from the writing.  With that in mind, for the next few months I’m limiting myself to one blog post a day and the occasional podcast.  Hopefully this will free up some time for my deadline, which is around Christmas.  In the next couple of months you can expect some extracts from my upcoming books, tentatively entitled-

  • The Horus Box, Book 1, Mystery
  • The Engineer, Historical Fiction/Fantasy
  • The Capitalist, Book 1, SciFi

I also have an ever-expanding collection of horror and SciFi short stories that need to be collated into some kind of anthology.

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