YouTube Trawl: #BSG:B&C

BSG Blood and Chrome has been out for a week, but fresh to the Captain’s table a minute ago.  Have you guys been watching it?  Does the ultimate fate of the human race, endlessly doomed to build it’s own destroyers, as revealed in the last episodes of BSG somewhat put a dampener on this new show?

With Caprica, that’s exactly what happened, for me at least, though the soapiness didn’t help either.  Also I was on the Campus of SFU regularly and used to live in downtown Vancouver when they were filming both damn shows. Seeing half of the Lower Mainland used as various bit of human space put a big dent in my ability to suspend disbelief.

Still I DID watch, and mostly enjoy, the original BSG reboot and the spinoff BSG Razor.

Anyway, I’ll at least give this new show a chance and watch the webisodes, right now in fact-

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