Rant Forgotten: Forget Eat, Pray, Love; Here’s Read, Eat, Code #Mauritius

I had something awfully important to say before, but after picking up an old favourite book at Game, Phoenix and stuffing myself with an enormous Mauritian sandwich, it just doesn’t seem that important anymore.

Also, I just saw on coder Huw Collingbourne’s excellent blog that the Lazarus IDE reached version 1.0 a couple of months ago (actually 1.02 at the time of writing this).  Thus, I have finally found a programming language (FreePascal) worthy of investing my hobby-programming time in.  I come from a scripting background (batch, bsh, Rexx etc…) and before that MS VB/Access and even before that MS QuickBASIC, so the IDE is familiar to me even though the language is not.  Piffle.  It can’t be that hard.  };-> (Plus, it’s called ‘Lazarus’, how cool is that?)

Oh, and I thought you might be interested in where I work when I’m in Mauritius-

I have to go now as I literally cannot wait to get my hands on that book.

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