First Run: #Arrow #TV Show, First Episode Review

OK, I just started watching the first season of CW’s Arrow.   I have deliberately avoided reading other reviews and, thus, have no idea how the has show been received by the public; meaning that there is nothing to prejudice my opinion.

So how was it?

On the plus side, it stayed fairly close to the comic book origin story, though not entirely canon, or as I remember it, from reading Mike Grell’s The Long Bow Hunters series in the late 1980s.

Also sprucing up the heroes abilities with a bit of Parkour was cool though nothing that hasn’t been done a few times before, e.g. like in SyFy’s short-lived The Phantom (2009) on three years ago!  The actor playing Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is pretty good in the role physically and plays spoilt-Richie-Rich Ollie well and it’s nice to see Brit actor Colin Salmon as Johny-come-lately suitor to his mum.   Where did all this extra family come from?  Oliver’s love interest, Black Canary, is there too, in the form of Katie Cassidy’s ‘Laurel’ (AKA Dinah).

The combat seems fun, though occasionally silly; there a few fight scenes right in the first episode where the bad guys queue to be beaten up rather than tackling the hero all at once.  Where DO these henchmen train?  It’s like a Amitabh Bachan movie fight scene.

The trouble with the series so far, is that it doesn’t seem like anything special.  After all this time waiting for one of my favourite heroes to come back to the screen, and he’s really not much more attention-grabbing than Justin Hartley’s competent portrayal in Smallville.  The look of the show is just way too damn conventional, as if the creators where scared of taking any risks.

Also, why did they change the name from ‘Star City’ to ‘Starling City’? It neither does anything for, nor does it detract from the story.  I just don’t get the logic.

Talking about the hooded one, I also heard via a Tweet that DC bloke Jeff Lemire is taking over the Lincoln-green hoody in the post-52/new 52 re-reboot (did I get that right? So glad I missed all that silliness) from the Green Arrow issue #17 trade.  His comment

“My initial response when they offered me Green Arrow was, I kind of paused because I’d never really felt that close to that character or really felt that interested in him.  But…”

…fills me with some foreboding.

Thank the gods that the Goyer/Marks’ Green Arrow movie ‘Escape from Super Max‘ movie hasn’t surfaced.

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