Captain Roy's Absolutely-Pinnacle-Uberfantastico Recommended #Geek #TV

  • Breaking Bad (season 5 ended, 6 due next year)
  • Big Bang theory (season 6 currently airing)
  • Dexter (season 7 currently airing)
  • Arrow (season 1 currently airing)
  • Warehouse 13 (mid-season 4 returns next year)
  • The Walking Dead (season 3 currently airing)
  • Fringe (season 5 currently airing)
  • Grimm (season 2 currently airing)
  • The Gadget Show (season 18 currently airing)
  • The Guild (season 6 just finished, returns next year)
  • Game of Thrones (season 2 finished, returns next year)

I’m only regularly watching The Big Bang Theory, Dexter, The Walking Dead and Arrow, whilst catching small snippets of the other shows currently airing. I do wish the networks would spread this stuff out a bit!  Sooo glad to see DC’s Green Arrow rebooted.  Also nice to see Stuart become a regular fixture on The Big Bang Theory.  Now how about DC’s The Question as a neo-noir TV series for grown-ups, anyone?

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