Back From My Walk, Lovely Day In #Curepipe, #Mauritius,The Jellyfish Sucks & #Arrow

Yep, yesterday walked twice around the Trou aux Cerfs crater and today I managed three laps, but my knee is killing me.  No one said “hi” despite (or perhaps because) of my superb Spiderman tee-shirt wrapped round the short, alluring, blob of me.  Actually, I think that if I was a superhero/supervillain, I’d be called The Jellyfish or, even better,  Man-O-War.  (Though I bet in the plethora of Marvel and DC pants-on-the-outsiders there are already masks with those names.   Damn you Stan Lee and damn you… eh… various unknown masterminds at DC).  Note to Marvel/DC, if those characters already exist PLEASE tuckerise me as one of them.  But in a way that will make me look fantastic, not just an amorphous, hideous blob.  If they don’t exist, I claim all copyrights to the characters in perpetuity, so help me Zod!  Right, I’ve ridden this mule ’bout as far as it’ll go, so enough.

And now back to Trou aux Cerfs.  The whole area looks nice- they’ve trimmed the trees, removed a lot of garbage and done a lot of gardening.  There are really great views now. You ain’t got nothing like this on the rest of the island!  Of course, I forgot to take my camera (again), but tomorrow I’ll post some photos up to Flickr with links here so you can appreciate the view.

A nice girl smiled at me on the way home.  It was a good day.  Now for some sausages and beans on toast (mmm) and… Arrow!*


*gods, I miss my own ratty hoodies!  (Hey, isn’t he looking a bit Michonnish?)

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